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Royal Wedding

You can’t look at any media this week without reading about the Royal Wedding. The wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton takes place on Friday. During the last couple of months there has been a stream of information about the nuptials but now it’s a torrent of trivia. Expect the coverage of this […]

My mother-in-law, Erika, arrived last Thursday for a few weeks. Yesterday she took the rest of the family for a couple days up to Zasenbeck – a small town on the old border between East and West Germany, where she lived as a little girl. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to learn a […]

Pay Attention

Somewhere in the history of modern machinery someone came up with the idea of a warning light – a signal of some sort that would indicate a problem with the machinery. It was a brilliant idea of course, since the machine could now tell you that it needs service or attention. For example, my car […]

The Lord is my Shepherd

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” That is the first verse of the 23rd Psalm. When I was a child I thought it meant “I shall not want the Lord as my shepherd.” That didn’t seem to fit with what I thought the Bible was about. Modern translations are more helpful. The […]

A Movie & Free Will

I am working on a new look for this site. Until then I will be posting my Midweek Updates that are sent out to the congregation of Crossroads Basel. David
My oldest daughter and I went out to see a movie last week. We didn’t know what to see but were looking for something in […]

Stay Tuned!

Yes, I know its been way too long. Our last year has been exhausting and way too busy to keep up blogging. But in the next few weeks we will be presenting a new look and new format. So stay tuned.

Happy Easter!

We hope and pray that all our friends and family have had a wonderful Easter! Our church was very full yesterday and we had a great resurrection Sunday service. We enjoy the church here very much and it was indeed a celebration Sunday.
After the service we had some families over for lunch and the children […]

Erin’s 11th Birthday

 Hard to believe that Erin turned 11 this week.  It was a week of celebration.  On Tuesday we had 20 people over for a special dinner.  On Thursday–February 11th, we had a birthday breakfast together with our family and then a supper together with just our family. Then on Saturday she had a group of […]


My Ladies Bible Study group has been one of the highlights of living in Baku.   We meet every Thursday morning in homes in an area of Baku called Stone Pay.  We start with food of course–do women ever get together when food is not one of the central attractions????  Then we gather together for a […]

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