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This past Sunday was an exciting day in the life of our church.  As we welcomed back many people after summer vacation, we also got a chance to welcome in many new people and families that are making Baku their home for the next season of their lives.
It was a busy morning:
The sound technicians and […]

Meet the USTA!

One of the first words we learned in Azeri has come in very handy - it’s ‘usta’. ‘Usta’ means master, as in, a master craftsman of a trade. When there was a plumbing problem the landlord would call the ‘usta’. Later, when there was an electrical problem he called another ‘usta’ to fix it. Plumber, […]

Weather Change

During the month of September the weather has been warm and sunny. It is one of our favourite months here. But all good things come to an end. The fall season has arrived. The new season is marked by overcast weather and rain. We haven’t had much rain since May (no real accumulation) but in […]


The fall season is in full swing in Baku. There are lots of new people in church and we have a hard time getting to know them all. Sunday mornings are busy and its easy to miss people coming and going.
So every few months, to help get to know new ladies, Rhonda hosts C.A.M.E.O. (Come […]

Staying Active

Last week Michaella went to basketball try-outs and found out today that she made the ‘A’Team. So now it’s three nights a week of practicing. She’s a little unsure of what to expect on the team but I think she’s excited at the same time. Erin and Jacob will be going for Rugby on Tuesday […]

Back to School

The kids had their first day of school last Thursday, August 21st. Here’s what Erin had to say about her first day back:
I wasn’t nervous on my first day back. I was happy that I knew lots of people in my class. I got to be with my friends. My teacher’s name is Mr. Olmsted. […]

Conflict in Georgia

Since our return the news and most of our conversations center around the ongoing conflict in Georgia. We have enjoyed visiting Georgia on several occasions. It has been attempting to break with the past cycle of post-Soviet corruption and control. Their actions put them at odds with Russian interests in the region. Russia makes no secret […]