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Archive for May, 2011

The End of the World

If you were watching the news last week you might have heard that the world was supposed to end on Saturday. It didn’t. An errant radio preacher in California, Harold Camping, had calculated that Judgement Day was to begin on May 21 with massive earthquakes around the world. I was surprised that so many news […]

It Leads to No Good

It is one of our most common temptations and it leads to no good. When we give into it we are overcome by feelings of inadequacy, envy, and disappointment with God. It keeps us from recognizing God’s blessings and prevents us from receiving more. It can drive us to overwork and causes us to withdraw […]

My parents named me David, after my uncle, my mother’s brother. I like the name and I like being named after someone in the family. Of course, David is also a popular Bible name. King David was the most famous and most important king in the history of Israel. He is a prominent character throughout […]

Slow Down

When I was 12 years old and living outside Lyon France, our family would go every couple weeks to the English library on the 5th floor of the British Consulate. It wasn’t a very big library but I was always ready to return some books and look for new ones. It was there that I […]