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Happy Easter!

We hope and pray that all our friends and family have had a wonderful Easter! Our church was very full yesterday and we had a great resurrection Sunday service. We enjoy the church here very much and it was indeed a celebration Sunday.

After the service we had some families over for lunch and the children all had an Easter egg hunt outside. It was a super meal and great time of fellowship. We are truly blessed here.

The children have been off school for the last two weeks for spring break. And it does look like spring has finally come. They all got off to school this morning but I think they found it hard to get up and get going. So with everyone back to routine it was time to get back to updating this blog. We’ll keep in touch. Thanks for reading and praying. David

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  1. on 06 May 2010 at 4:47 amErika

    I keep checking for an update :-)

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