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Prayer Request

We do hope and pray that 2010 is a great year for our friends and family.

I will at some point write a proper introduction for the year but I wanted to ask today for your prayers. Our church, Baku International Fellowship, was required to re-register with the government in order to continue our legal status. However, we have had some discouraging news about our registration and really need to pray that we will have favour with the authorities and be able to re-register. Registration allows us to hold services, enter into rental contracts, hire local workers and issue visas for foreign staff. At the moment, it is not clear to us what the status of our registration is. But you can see that is necessary for the church to continue.

Our family and two others need new visas this month in order to stay in the country. We are awaiting word on whether or not we will get our visas. One of the other families was denied due to the legal status of the church. This is a period of instability and uncertainty for our church and our family.  We have been having good prayer meetings about this issue but would ask that you join with us. Please pray that our church will be granted registration and our visas will come through. We will keep you updated. Thanks, David

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