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Erika Comes for a Visit!

Rhonda’s mom came to visit us in Baku just after Christmas. The kids have been looking forward to her visit for some time. It was like having a second Christmas when she arrived. She sacrificed her luggage allowance in order to bring more gifts and supplies. This is her second visit to Baku and she really likes the city. The lights are up for New Years and everything is decorated very nicely. Her favourite place is the new Airport Bazaar.You could go shopping in there for a month but we manage to pull her out after a few hours at a time. She has no trouble dealing with the sellers and negotiating her price.

The kids enjoy having her in the house and there have been several rounds of ‘hide and go seek.’ Nanny seems to find the best spots. The other night we had to start dinner without her because the kids couldn’t find her and she didn’t want to give up her good spot. There is no school for three weeks so its great to have company and family here. While she is visiting, Grandpa John is putting in a new bathroom at the farm. We all think that’s a great idea and look forward to see the new room in the summer.

Thanks for coming Nanny. You were a great Christmas present this year!

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  1. on 14 Feb 2010 at 2:13 amErika

    Thank you very much for the kind comments!! I loved spending time with you all and the visit just went by too quickly. Thank you Erin for sharing your room with me. Thanks Marissa for all the hugs and kisses. Thank you Jacob for playing ‘hide and seek’ and the ‘tickle times’. Thank you Michaella for the gift that I had going to the Hyatt for that wonderful meal and then walking down town with you. This was sooo special for me. Thank you David and Rhonda for taking me to the market :-) and just showing me around Baku and all the great meals that you prepared Rhonda.

    The visit to Dubai was a BONUS especially since I had read so much about it, really wanting to see it but never thinking that it would actually happen. Actually having that time with Rhonda was REALLY special since that hasn’t happened for a loooooong time! I think she shopped more than I did :-)

    It was a WONDERFUL trip with no problems any where along the way as far as finding the right gates and especially my luggage arriving the same time as I did (I could just see the disappointed faces if I arrived without the gifts :-) So many times when people asked how my trip was and I told them that it was GREAT…. they say we have been praying for you!!! So THANK YOU LORD!!

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