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Jacob Turns 8

jake-8th.JPGHard to believe but the baby of the family is now 8 years old. We had a party for Jacob today and several of his friends came over. 8 year old boys know how to have a lot of fun. They played outside and I tried to guide them through some relay games but they have a way of making them much more adventurous. Inside, they had a couple more games and supper. The cake was a ‘Candy Cake’ in honour of Jake’s love for candy of all kinds. He was blessed by some great gifts too.

We feel blessed to have Jacob in our family. I’ll never forget the excitement of his birth and finding out I had a son. It’s been quite a change for our family. We love his creativity, inquisitive nature (lots of questions),his keen eye for observation and even his endless energy is a gift. He is a hard worker, loves the outdoors, is excellent at doing math in his head and puts himself to bed if he gets too tired. Jacob loves his mother and while he thinks part of his purpose in life is to bother his sisters, he is quite protective. He’s popular with other children, handsome, thoughtful and easy going. In short, a joy to have around. We love you Jacob, Happy Birthday.

Love Dad

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