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Prayer for Churches

prayper.jpgI knew that the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church was in November and I was planning to do a post on it. However, I missed the date, it was held on November 8th. None the less, I think it is an important topic and thought I would just bring it to everyone’s attention and let you follow some links.

There are many ways that people can be persecuted for their faith. We in the West don’t really understand how significant and wide spread this issue is. Losing your job because you follow Jesus is not uncommon for people in this part of the world. Having to move from your home or building because of your faith is persecution. Not being able to send your children to school because you are a believer, that is persecution. While there are concerns over those who are sent to prison, millions of others Christians face a more difficult life because they trust in Jesus. So take a moment to look at some of these sites and pray for some of your brothers and sisters.

Thanks, David

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