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About once a year the kids want to go and img_1933.JPGvisit the Mud Volcanoes. Last Monday was a national holiday so we decided to head out to where the mud flows like…well mud. This was our third visit as a family and the place never gets old. It’s in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing else around, the Caspian is off in the distance. The volcanoes are just fascinating. How do they form? What is the stuff that bubbles up from them? Where does all the mud go?

Walking around them is a danger in itself. We are growing smarter with each visit. We take old shoes, walk barefoot, have lots of water. It had been raining so the drive out was a little dicey. You can only really do it if you have a four-wheel drive. However the Tiners made it in their GMC van. At one point I was really afraid I would have to get out and push in all that mud. In addition to the Tiners going, the Blains, the CarlsonsĀ and our new youth pastors, the Gilboys went. It’s never too soon to get out and see the sites in Azerbaijan. As always we had a great time but were glad to get home and clean

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