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Pastor’s Wives

It was almost a year ago that we started getting the Pastor’s Wives in the city of Baku together.  We meet once a month for a chance to get to know other ladies  in similar situations, pray together and encourage one another in small groups and collectively.  It is a time designed specifically for Pastor’s wives.  At first we met at the BIF church office but now we are meeting in a room at a coffee shop in a central location in town.  The surroundings are pleasant and we serve tea/coffee and desserts.  The ladies are beginning to get to know one another and a rapport is beginning to develop.  It is great to be able to discuss things and offer support in a number of ways.  Our gatherings are lead in English and translated into Azeri and Russian.  This picture shows one table of ladies.  It is great knowing that we are all working for a common purpose and we are not alone in our endeavors.


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