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I Love My Kindle!

When I was kindle.jpgin Canada I bought myself an early birthday present. It’s a Kindle. Many people haven’t heard about them but I have been wanting one for quite a while. Since coming to Azerbaijan I have often complained that I couldn’t get enough English reading material. Well, I found the answer in my Kindle. (Amazon ought to pay me for this endorsement.)

A Kindle is an electronic book reader. It’s not primarily designed to read to you (although it can do that) but it allows you to download electronic books from Amazon and read them on the Kindle. The main screen on the Kindle is not like your computer but rather very much like reading a book. Amazon has thousands of books for download (although some I wanted aren’t yet available in this format) and most books cost $9.99. Once you have your Kindle you can log onto the Amazon site and download books from anywhere in the world. This is much more efficient for me than having someone ship over books or bringing back heavy books in a suitcase.

kindle2.jpgThe problem for Canadians is that you can’t buy one. What! That’s right. If you live in Canada (or anywhere outside the United States) you can’t buy a Kindle. Actually, it’s not that you can’t buy one but rather they won’t sell it to you. In order to buy the reader you must have a US mailing address and a US dollar credit card with a US mailing address. Thankfully I have wonderful American friends who let me use their mailing address and credit card information. Then they shipped it to Canada for me. (This feels like I am confessing a crime.) Anyway, now in order to buy books I have to use coupons for Amazon to get around not having a US credit card.

It was worth the effort. I read every evening and am enjoying the wide variety of options that are available. I can even download newspapers and magazines. Currently I am reading two books: David McCullough’s biography Truman (I have been wanting this for years) and N.T. Wright’s book, Surprised by Hope (about where we go when we die.) I have a couple others waiting to be read as well. The Kindle can hold up to 1,500 books so I have lots of room.

So I thought I would let you know about my Kindle and since I do have a birthday coming up this month it’s never been easier to get me a present. Just click on this link, go to the Amazon site and purchase a gift certificate. You can do it now and set it up for delivery on the 20th.  How simple is that. (Boy, I’m shameless).  But, I really do like my new toy.

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