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Life In Baku

I tried to put a picture in here of our recent camping trip but it wasn’t working. So I have decided to write an update without the picture. What’s been happening? Well, the kids had two weeks off school at the end of March. Rhonda found that to be a lot of time to have them at home. They, however, seemed to enjoy just hanging out and not doing much of anything. We did manage to get away for one night of camping with some friends. The night was cold but we made it through. It is really nice when we can get out of the city.

The kids returned to school last week and I took a few days and went to Turkey. I am recovering from ’shingles’ and just needed a few days to rest and get some long range planning work done. Rhonda managed great but of course never likes when I am away. Thankfully there were no issues with power, water, gas etc.

This week we are looking forward to Easter. I am working on a service for Good Friday evening and plans for Easter Sunday morning. Church has been busy and full lately and there is a great sense of joy when we are there. Some many people work to do their part and make everything happen. It’s a real model of body-life, where everyone uses their gifts for the benefit of the church. I will do my best to report next week how things have gone. That’s all for now.


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    Thanks for keeping up posted!


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