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Staying Active

nfl-logo.jpgLast week Michaella went to basketball try-outs and found out today that she made the ‘A’Team. So now it’s three nights a week of practicing. She’s a little unsure of what to expect on the team but I think she’s excited at the same time. Erin and Jacob will be going for Rugby on Tuesday nights and Marissa has decided to do Cross Country running. What active and athletic kids I have, who knew? Rhonda has started her early morning walks again. She and friends go walking around Stonepay (the area near the school) about four mornings a week.

With all this physical activity going on in my house I decided I should be doing something myself. So I joined a football team. Actually I am coaching it. Well, kind of. Have you ever heard of Fantasy Football? It’s sort of like playing except you just sit at your computer and hope you pick the right NFL players for the week. Rhonda is laughing because she knows I know nothing about NFL football. But I had the opportunity to join some other guys and form a league. So I did. I figure I am not too old to learn something new and should never pass up the opportuity to stay in shape.

Last Monday night we got together and had a draft. You can see my list of players by clicking here. So the way it works is like this: if my players get more points than the players on my opponent’s team then I win. For example, this week I am playing against the youth pastor’s team. At the time of writing this we are tied in points because there are a couple Monday night games yet. However, I am sure we’ll beat him. It’s hard work but I’m feeling healthier already.

This is my first venture into online community activities. So far its been fun and no one has hurt themselves. But the season is 13 weeks long so who knows what might happen. I’ll keep you posted on the success of my team, the Badamdar Bad Boys. Maybe next season you can join the league. So you better start getting in shape.


PS - BTW I did go to the gym today - I’m not a total couch potato.

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  1. on 14 Sep 2008 at 6:01 pmJay

    Hey Bro

    Glad to see you are lacin’ up the nikes!


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