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Yesterday was our Welcome (Back) to Baku Sunday. For us it is Fall kick-off time. Most schools have now started and a number of new families have moved into the city. So the focus of the day was on welcoming newcomers and those returning. It was great to see many people who have been away for a few weeks or in some cases a few months. We took time in the service to talk about the different ministries at BIF and how people can be involved. Then we had lunch together, well over 200 people stayed.

One of the sad things about this place is that people always seem to be leaving. However, there also seems to be a flow of new people moving in. New friends to be made. It’s kind of an odd characteristic but it marks the church and its relationships. We just put out a little flyer with the church history. Since it started ten years ago all the founding members have now gone. In fact, probably over 95% of the congregation is new in the last five years.

All this keeps it interesting and us busy learning new names and faces. We welcome all those new to the city and invite you to join any Sunday.


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