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marissas-baptism-006.jpgMay and June have been very busy months and so I have neglected keeping this post up to date. Last week we went camping in the mountains with eight other families and had a great time. (See picture.) We returned to Baku on Saturday afternoon and I had a wedding that evening. Sunday morning after the church service we drove out to a beach for Marissa’s baptism.

A few weeks ago Marissa said that she wanted to be baptized before returning home to Canada for the summer. She also wanted to be baptized in the Caspian Sea rather than the little pool we use at church. We were happy to help fulfill her request and so travelled with several friends out to a quiet beach. We shared a great meal together and the weather was prefect. Then we gathered for prayer and I had the privilege of baptizing Marissa. It was a very satisfying day.

Rhonda and the children are now on their way home to Canada. I will join them in a few weeks. I am sure that if you meet up with our children you will notice that they have all grown and matured. The move to Azerbaijan had stretched and strengthened all of us and we are thankful for God’s many blessings in these last few months.


3 Responses to “Baptized in the Caspian Sea”

  1. on 19 Jun 2008 at 6:12 amRuth

    God’s blessing is on those who follow him obediently. May God continue to bless Marissa in her Christian walk.

  2. on 29 Jun 2008 at 6:30 pmRhonda

    It was so awesome to celebrate your baptism with so many friends. I am proud of you Marissa. Love you. MOM

  3. on 08 Jul 2008 at 7:21 amcassie

    wow marissa thats awesome the caspian sea so cool just like the movie prince caspian hopefully you see it soon its not in theaters for long anways thought that was cool i just got baptised in a water tank by my dad but thats really kool .

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