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pp.jpgThis week Rhonda and I are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, attending the Missional International Church Network Conference. It is for pastors and leaders of International Churches. We are really enjoying the chance to meet new people and share our similiar experiences in an international setting. For us, this is valuable time and information as we think and pray about our church and how it can minister in an effective way.

We had opportunity on Monday to visit one of the many ‘killing fields’ here in Cambodia. The country’s history is quite tragic and you can’t help but be moved as you visit the memorial and see the mass graves. Thankfully hope and healing is offered as the church in Cambodia takes action and is finding practical ways to help people.

The conference ends on Friday and we hope to be home by early Saturday morning. The kids are staying with friends in Baku and will no doubt be ready to see us.


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