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Archive for April, 2008


This week Rhonda and I are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, attending the Missional International Church Network Conference. It is for pastors and leaders of International Churches. We are really enjoying the chance to meet new people and share our similiar experiences in an international setting. For us, this is valuable time and information as we […]

Update on Stuff

I have been trying to keep this site updated weekly. Some weeks I run behind. This last couple weeks have been busy┬ábut I’ll give you some highlights.
A friend came over and spent a couple days installing our new generator. We had to build a little shelter for it in the back yard, run cable along […]

Trying Something New!

Last Sunday morning we added something new - an earlier service. The 9:00 AM is called the ‘traditional’ service as we try to incorporate some congregational readings, sing older hymns and have a more structured hour. The first week was attened by about 33 people and I think everyone there enjoyed it. After the service […]