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Ski Trip to Georgia!

georgia-ski-061.jpgHey everyone, wait how many times have I started with that greeting? Oh well I’ll think up a better one for next time. Anyway hi to all of you and thanks a lot for writing those replies, I love reading them, keep em coming! My Braces are doing great! My teeth are so much straighter and they have gotten more comfortable. OH I have a funny story about that. Ok so at our dentist place there is this one secretary who always schedules our next appointment and all that stuff so anyway this week she tells us to be there at half past 5. So naturally we think ok 5:30. Well at 4:30 this Lady calls and says where are you? MY mom’s like it’s 4:30 and our appointment’s at 5:30. She says your clock is wrong and you are late. MY mom and her argued for like 10 minutes before they discovered that to the people here, half past 5 is 4:30.  So hopefully next time we will straighten that out. It was pretty amusing to me though! I am supposed to be talking about the ski trip though so here it goes… I had a great time in Georgia! We went with the youth group. BY the way, thank you Joe and Amy for organizing it.  I had a great time! We met at the train station in Baku and left by 7:30 pm. I was really surprised at how small the train was.  I totally wasn’t expecting that. There were 4 people per room and the rooms were smaller than my bathroom, seriously! IT was about 12-13 hours long and we arrived in Tbilisi around 9:30 am  so really 14 hours. It wasn’t that bad because we could sleep over night on the beds. The beds had a gold pillow and a small mat thing to make it comfortable. They didn’t wash it though so it was plenty dirty. Later on they brought sheets to put down. It wasn’t too nice a view on the way there or back. I talked with friends and read a book. By the way, if you have never read a Francine Rivers book you are missing out! They are amazing! The bathrooms on the train were disgusting! None of you can even imagine how gross they were! I survived though and had a pretty decent sleep. We woke up and had cinnamon buns for breakfast prepared by a lady from the church. After getting off the train we traveled to Gudauri by bus, for 3 hours. It wasn’t that bad either, the bus was really nice and new. We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and were on our way. The drive up was breath taking! It was all in the mountains and it was so pretty! There was this really nice lake and everything. Once we got up in the high mountains it got really snowy. There had been a huge snow fall the week earlier and, let me tell you, there was so much snow! There was like 8 feet of snow everywhere! We got to the hotel and just rested until dinner at 6 pm .At 7:00 my Mom did a session for the retreat. The theme was Fresh. She spoke on having a FRESH  START!  It was really good. Then we went to sleep, we were all real tired! In the morning we got up and had breakfast. We had gotten the ski equipment the night before so we could go straight for the slopes! IT was really cheap for a day of skiing–much cheaper than in Canada. It was great and I had an awesome time! I hope to go back next year too! For lunch,  my friend and I went to a little outdoor restaurant and just got some hot water. We made an instant Kraft dinner in coffee cups because they didn’t speak English and they didn’t know what a bowl was! It was fine though. I had a great day!  The sun was really bright and I bought sun glasses in the morning and had put a little sun screen on. Not enough obviously because when I went back to the hotel I found a strip of sun burn on my forehead! I must have had my hat on when I applied the sun screen then when I was skiing it moved up, exposing my unsunscreened forehead! IT looks really funny! Luckily I didn’t get it half as bad as some others did. Marissa’s face is so burned and red. One of my friend’s face swelled up, it doesn’t even look like her. Other girls have patches and band aids on so they won’t scar, it’s that bad! And to make matters worse it’s picture day tomorrow! I found some cover up that I will have to use! It’s not too bad though. Then we just traveled back by bus and train and my dad picked us up on Monday. It was a great trip minus the sun burns. Live and learn I guess. We got to do a bit of shopping in Tbilisi which was nice and I have decided to move there! Georgia and Switzerland are my “going to move there some day countries”. What are yours?  I better go.  I hope to hear from everyone some more! Bye for now!   See more pictures.

2 Responses to “Ski Trip to Georgia!”

  1. on 26 Feb 2008 at 8:24 amRuth

    Hi Michaella,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and am glad you had such a unique and interesting trip. Everyone should look at the extra pictures! (and Francine Rivers does write the best Christian fiction!!) I still cannot figure out how “half past ” could possibly mean “half before”.

  2. on 26 Feb 2008 at 8:03 pmNannie

    Hi Michaella and Marissa

    I loved reading about your trip and just a little different view point from your Mom who loved it and you Michaella and Marissa. What a wonderful experience to see the world and the different cultures the way that you are doing. I always love to watch skiing but am too chicken to try it. I think it is just amazing the way you cruise back and forth down the hills. My friend said that you HAVE to take ski lessons… it makes all the difference in the world. They teach you how to turn and stop (VERY IMPORTANT :-) Thanks for the pictures too. I really like reading about your adventures!!! Looking forward to your visit this summer.

    Lots of love

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