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Behind Bars!

jailbar.jpgWhen I write I usually try to inform and educate about our life and the realities of Azerbaijan. For the most part I try to be positive and encouraging. But it’s not always positive. In this post I’m asking you to do some research and follow a couple of links. I won’t provide any comment except that if you live in a country with religious freedom, you are blessed. I consider myself to be a pastor in Azerbaijan and this story has been affecting all of us. Please follow the links and pray for this this country. Thanks.

Free Pastor Zaur 

Update on Pastor Zaur  (You have to read this whole interview!)


One Response to “Behind Bars!”

  1. on 13 Feb 2008 at 9:59 amBen Regts

    Dear David, I have to admit that I passed by the story the first time. I am on an email list for Christian martyrs. Sometimes the news is overwhelming. Other times it just fortunately far away.
    And then the enemy is in the house.
    We had a prayer meeting with BA and the Patros last Saturday, and, while we are greatly blessed and live in peace, there are still evidences of the enemy.
    I will try to pray for you more often. We really have appreciated the web site. Sometimes it just seemed like you just moved “away” but today I realized you really are in a war zone.
    Please be encouraged. You are loved.

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