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Our First Year!

annivery.jpgIt seems hard to believe that it was a year ago, a snowy Saturday afternoon, that we loaded up the kids and jumped onto a plane for Azerbaijan. We arrived in Baku in the late evening of February 4th. It’s been an amazing ride since.

It is difficult to list all the changes that have taken place in this past year. Many of them are external. We have settled into a new home, new school and new church. The culture around us is completely new. There are still many adjustments and many long days. But we are feeling amazingly settled. God has been good.

Many of the changes are internal. You can’t make a move like this and not be challenged in many ways. You see your world in a new light. Many days we came to the end of our own resources and had no choice but to trust God. We came to help others and discovered we still need help ourselves. God is still working out our character. While this can be painful we are grateful that we are still a work in progress. 

To our friends and family who are following our journey and supporting us along the way, “thank-you” and keep up the good work.

 Lots of Love,

The Fortunes in Azerbaijan 

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  1. on 09 Feb 2008 at 9:50 amDiane Reed

    A year is a long time yet it doesn’t seem that long. I’m glad God is blessing you and changing you. That’s what He does. We still miss you. I’m glad you have this website, so we can catch up.

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