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Archive for February, 2008

Ski Trip to Georgia

On the weekend my sister, my mother and i went to Gudauri, Georgia. the country not the state. It was so beautiful because there was SO much snow! There was like 6 feet of snow! It was up in the mountains and it was so nice.
On the first and second day, thursday- friday we went […]

Ski Trip to Georgia!

Hey everyone, wait how many times have I started with that greeting? Oh well I’ll think up a better one for next time. Anyway hi to all of you and thanks a lot for writing those replies, I love reading them, keep em coming! My Braces are doing great! My teeth are so much straighter […]

What I did this past week

People always want to know what a pastor does with his week. It’s hard to describe because there is no such thing as a typical week. We seldom work from 9-5. My mind is usually full of my to-do list and when one thing is done there is always something else waiting. Living here makes […]

Behind Bars!

When I write I usually try to inform and educate about our life and the realities of Azerbaijan. For the most part I try to be positive and encouraging. But it’s not always positive. In this post I’m asking you to do some research and follow a couple of links. I won’t provide any comment except that if you live […]

Our First Year!

It seems hard to believe that it was a year ago, a snowy Saturday afternoon, that we loaded up the kids and jumped onto a plane for Azerbaijan. We arrived in Baku in the late evening of February 4th. It’s been an amazing ride since.
It is difficult to list all the changes that have taken place in […]