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A Nigerian Wedding

wedding-001.jpgSunday was a fun day at church. I spoke about ‘How to find a spouse.” Then before the end of the service we had a wedding. Ren and Grace are both from Nigeria but met here in Azerbaijan about three years ago. They were in the same small group and a friendship developed. They aren’t able to return to Nigerian at the moment so decided to have the wedding here.  People in the church were glad to help out with wedding plans, decorations and the reception. The small group leader, Patrick, was the one who gave away the bride. We had the reception immediately following the service. Many people stayed for a very enjoyable time. We have a large Nigerian group in our church and they made it a lively event. Several people made speeches, there was some Nigerian dancing and of course, the cutting of the cake. There was a true sense of celebration. We all wish Ren and Grace a blessed marriage and many happy years ahead.


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  1. on 31 Jan 2008 at 4:04 pmBetty-Ann

    Woo - that is great! I am passing this on to our Nigerian friends here. Can’t get away from Africa no matter how hard you try, eh? ha ha


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