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Archive for January, 2008

A Nigerian Wedding

Sunday was a fun day at church. I spoke about ‘How to find a spouse.” Then before the end of the service we had a wedding. Ren and Grace are both from Nigeria but met here in Azerbaijan about three years ago. They were in the same small group and a friendship developed. They aren’t able to return to […]


The most stressful part of our daily living is driving. Really, you have to experience it to believe it. Yesterday I had several errands to run and was in traffic for a couple hours. My whole body grows tense and my neck and head hurt. The recent snow took a couple weeks to go away. […]


We are having our first major snow storm since coming to Baku! It started this morning during church and has continued during the day. So far we have received about eight inches. Some of our friends who have been here for several years say this is the most snow they have ever seen in Baku. […]

On Sunday I preached a sermon from Matthew 2:13-23 entitled “Living Outside Your Comfort Zone.” I admitted to borrowing the title and main points from Steve May. But I shared the message because it was a good description of our lives in 2007. We lived most of the year outside our comfort zone: new country, […]