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A Sunday in Baku

Here’s a glimpse of life in Baku. I wasn’t preaching today because I asked another member of the congregation to continue the series on “The Parables.” I did look after communion in the service. (For communion, we have everyone come forward, take a piece of bread, dip it in a cup of juice and return to their seat). Anyway, it was a  good service. The crowd was smaller due to summer holidays but some people who have been gone home for a couple months are starting to come back.

Most Sundays we tend to go out for lunch. Today it was MacDonalds, something we don’t do very often. We met a number of other families from the church and visited over lunch. We came home for a quiet afternoon. Rhonda and I read and had a nap. The kids coloured, read, played and hung out. We had supper and then decided to head down to the waterfront.boulevardbaku3.jpgThe area along the Caspian Sea is know as “The Boulevard” and is very busy and very popular. Azeris come out at night and hang out in the parks and common areas of the city. Tonight there were thousands of people there. I kid you not. It was so busy. There are amusement rides for the kids, peddlers of all kinds of junk, people to take your picture, games of chance, restaurants and cafe, a boat ride on the Caspian, beggars, musicians and everything else. The kids went on a few rides and we all went on the ferris wheel.

The temperature down at the sea at 8:00 PM this evening was 28 C and humid. This July, we are told, has been cooler than most, but we are now going into the hottest month, August. Hopefully it will also be cooler than normal, we won’t complain about that. The walk along the Boulevard is always a cultural experience and while interesting we know we aren’t in Canada anymore.

While we were out I turned on the water to fill our tank. We fill it every other day and I almost forgot that this was water day. The system works pretty well but its a pain having to remember to fill the tank. Plus, we have no inside water while it is filling which is unusally at dinner time.

 We got home and the kids had some fruit for a snack. We washed Jacob’s feet (he loves to wear sandals and his feet were black). A friend of Michaella’s is spending the week-end while her parents are out of town, they’ll sleep in the living room tonight where the air conditioning works better.

So another Sunday has come and gone. We are learning to watch for the rhythms of life in this country; adjusting to and even enjoying it at times. Hope you have a good week ahead. Blessings, David

3 Responses to “A Sunday in Baku”

  1. on 29 Jul 2007 at 7:41 pmGord Sullivan

    Hello Fortunes

    A little note to say hello from home. I have been waiting for a “picture of life” for you folks now for a while. Sounds like you are adjusting well.


  2. on 30 Jul 2007 at 7:05 amMelanie Wegler

    Hello Fortunes,

    It’s my morning ritual to check your website to read all the things you’re doing and experiencing. Your stories remind me of visiting my grandmother in the former East Germany. To have a bath, she had to warm the water on the stove and each morning she went downstairs to the common courtyard to bring coal up in a pail to heat the home in the large coal oven located in the living room. It’s wonderful that you’re experiencing a different culture.
    I’ve done some searches on the Internet of Baku and there are some lovely historical buildings. It sounds like you’ve all embraced this place and all its quirks.

    God bless you all and know that we’re all still thinking of you!

    Hayley and Taylor send their greeting to Marissa and Erin.


  3. on 03 Aug 2007 at 5:25 pmDiane Reed

    It sounds beautiful there. I wish I was there. The picture looks very nice. It sounds like you guys are settled. I thought it would take longer. That’s great. God is good. This is a very HOT August here too, so far. We just spent a few days in Toronto and went to Ontario Place on Wednesday. We waited in line for about an hour for one of the water slides. The waterpark was SO packed. The motel was SO nice. Didn’t want to come home to the heat. We’re going to Niagara Falls on Sunday until Tuesday. As you’ve probably seen on Facebook, we have a puppy. Never thought we’d ever get a dog. I’m more of a cat person. But I really missed him while we were gone. Amy’s boyfriend watched him. His family has a big collie and Tucker got along well with him. Amy can’t come to Niagara Falls because she has to work, so the dog will just stay home this time. Holly’s taking a friend. It’ll be fun. Then we might go camping for a few days as long as it’s not this hot and humid. It’s actually too hot for camping. This was pretty long, but I thought you might want to hear what people are doing. Have a great summer. God bless. Oh, we went to see Lisa last Friday at home and she’s doing pretty good. She walks with a cane and very slow[which is to be expected]. She looks good. Bye. Diane

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