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flag.jpgSince we are far from home celebrating Canada Day this year was very special. More than ever we can appreciate our freedoms, our rights, our history and the stability that comes with a democratic and accountable government. Canadians are often accused of not waving the flag enough or appreciating their country. Truthfully, all Canadians need to be grateful for what they have.

On Sunday evening we invited four other families over. We had a Bar-B-Q and salads. Rhonda made a cake with a flag on it and we stood around and sang ‘O Canada’. We even had some sparklers for the kids after dark. We also had a little quiz about Canada and shared some great personal stories. All in all in was a great evening. We are thankful to be born Canadians.

On Tuesday night Rhonda and I were guests at the American Embassy for their Fourth of July celebrations. The event was held outside in the garden area (under tight security) and I would guess there were over 700 guests present. There was lots of food and drink, speeches from the Ambassador and Azeri officials and the singing of national anthems. We did know a few people, mostly from the church. It was neat to be included in the event and provided another perspective on life in Baku.

The Fortunes are taking some holidays next week. We leave on Friday for Georgia (the country) and plan to do some camping in the mountains. Then we will work our way back to northern Azerbaijan and see some of the other sites in this country. We’ll provide an update for you after we get back. Hope your summer plans are going well.


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  1. on 22 Jul 2007 at 5:58 pmNorm Dykstra-Swain

    It looks like you were about to post an entry about your trip but the link doesn’t work. Looking forward to reading about it!

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