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Van for Sale!

02-grand-caravan-sport.jpgSince January we have been trying to sell our 2002 Grand Caravan, without success. Rhonda’s brother, Greg, has been great to look after it and care for the sale details. But we just haven’t been able to sell it. I know that there are many such vehicles on the market and that may be the problem. However, it would really be great to sell this van and not have the worry anymore. I decided this week would be the week to really pray for that miracle. Hopefully, some of you will agree with us in prayer and we’ll soon have a good praise report!

Our youth pastor here in Baku, Joe Plante, is also trying to sell a house and a car back in the States. You can also pray for him. When you are so far away you just feel kind of helpless and it adds to the stress. So, if you can share this prayer need with us we’d appreciate it. Blessings, David

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