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New House

The outside of your homeThe living roomThe dining roomMany people have been asking if we could post some pictures of our home.  We moved from our apartment to a house in an area called Badamdar.  This area is mostly made up of houses as opposed to large apartment buildings.  Each house is surrounded by cement walls and locked gates.  This is for security and privacy reasons. 

I have gone around the house and taken pictures of each room for you to see.  You can go to the gallery to see all the pictures.  We have posted just three pictures here. (

We get water every two days from 3:00-9:00pm.  We have to fill our water tank during this time and the water is pumped out as needed.  We have not yet run out of water before having to fill the tank again.  If we are out of power (which we were the other day–10 hours during the day) we don’t have water since the pump runs on electricity.  When the tank is filling up we don’t have water so it is a little inconvenient since it is around the supper hour that we have to fill the tank.  It takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to fill. 

 The children are loving being able to go outdoors.  It is amazing how much we missed being able to get out when we lived in an apartment.  Our yard is not very big but the street in front is paved and makes a great tennis court, bike trail, soccer field, basketball court and track ball area.  We have six large fruit trees in our back yard and hopefully will be able to enjoy some fruit at the end of the summer.   We are not sure what fruit the trees will produce yet but I think one is an apple tree. 

 Our house came furnished so most of what you see is owned by the landlord.  Most homes here are furnished.  It is very unusual to find a home that is empty.   We will have to add personal touches to make this house a home but that will come in time.  We did buy three beds for the children and will have to pick up a couple shelving items but other than that, we are pretty well set up. 

Initially this house came equipped with a squatty toilet on the main level but we were happy that the landlord was willing to replace it with a Western toilet–seat and all!!!  The upstairs washroom is great and quite modern.  We use it most of the time.

One room that we are using for a bedroom was a kitchen at one time.  It has kitchen cupboards and a sink.  We have made it into a bedroom for Jake.  When we were initially trying to figure out who was going to go into that room, we had a couple children fighting over who would get the kitchen.  Jake won!!!  Marissa and Erin share a large room and Michaella has her own room.  I think this house was built to house two families.  It appears that each level has a kitchen, bathroom and large living room and space for a couple bedrooms.  Most Azeri families live with grand parents and married children with children.  Because of the high cost of living, it is much more economical for families to share accomodation.  It is also the custom for girls (once they are married) to go live with her husband’s family. 

We wake up every morning to the sound of birds chirping and roosters crowing.  In our old apartment it was dogs barking!  It is more of a quiet neighbourhood–not as much hustle and bustle.  There are a number of good grocery stores we can shop at that are walking distance from our home.  The children can run and get things as needed.

We are feeling very blessed with this home.  We thank God for providing it and know that every good thing comes from Him.  We are hoping that it will not only be a blessing to our family but to all those who walk in these doors.   Remember there is an open invitation to anyone who would like to come to Baku for a visit!!! 


2 Responses to “New House”

  1. on 03 Jun 2007 at 4:13 pmKim

    Rhonda & David, The place looks lovely and you quilt looks great. Someday it would be great to go for a visit to Baku. You never know what God has in store. We have to have a picnic and basketball sometime. My love to all Kim

  2. on 24 Aug 2007 at 12:27 pmGerry Beaudry

    Particularly enjoyed reading this letter about your new home and the different culture that surrounds you. I am a retired city employee that worked at various water facilities in the Sudbury area. It must be frustrating to have lots of water in the tank and not have access to it. Sounds like you have a cistern below ground or in the basement. Is there a reason that you do not have a manual backup pump with a foot valve so that you do not loose your prime? Why can’t you use water while filling the tank? I am just facinated by your situation. You do not have to reply to my questions. God bless you David and Rhonda & family. Enjoy reading your reports.
    Gérard Beaudry

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