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Archive for June, 2007

Van for Sale!

Since January we have been trying to sell our 2002 Grand Caravan, without success. Rhonda’s brother, Greg, has been great to look after it and care for the sale details. But we just haven’t been able to sell it. I know that there are many such vehicles on the market and that may be the […]

Learning Azeri

Shortly after arriving here, Rhonda and I recognized that one of the biggest challenges would be the language. Since Azerbaijan was part of the USSR for so many years Russian is still widely spoken. This is especially true among government offices. However, the Azeri language, also referred to as Azerbaijani, is now most prominen. We […]

New House

Many people have been asking if we could post some pictures of our home.  We moved from our apartment to a house in an area called Badamdar.  This area is mostly made up of houses as opposed to large apartment buildings.  Each house is surrounded by cement walls and locked gates.  This is for security and privacy […]