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I wanted to give an update on how Jacob is doing since his accident with the bedroom door.  We took him back to the Clinic this week to have his stitches removed.  The doctor felt as though things were healing up nicely and only mentioned seeing a Plastic Surgeon if we were not happy with the way the scarring was looking.  She suggested we apply Vitamin E cream to help the healing move along.  We have been pleased with the quick healing and are thankful that infection did not set in.  Jacob was so brave from the start to finish with this.  He is a tough little guy.

As for the rest of the family, we are starting to prepare to be on the “move” again.  We take possession of a house in another area of the city called Badamdar on May 10th.  It is an area that is closer to where the majority of action takes place in our world.  We took this apartment initially with the thought that it would give us time to get to know Baku a little more and find a home that is suitable to our needs.  We have found that it is difficult to find a place that meets all our wants–this was no different even in Canada.  This home is a nice four bedroom home.  David will have one room for an office and we will use it also for a homework/reading area for the kids to steal away when they need some space.  Jacob will once again be the only one with his own room and the girls will share one large room.  They are OK with that and seem to have done great with sharing while we have lived in this apartment. 

We will totally miss this apartment.  It  holds so many memories for us since it was our first home in Baku.  We have thanked God many times for our first home .  It has been clean, spacious and convenient with the grocery store and bakery right below us.  The courtyard is lovely right now as it is in full bloom.   Spring is in the air and the sunshine is wonderful.



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  1. on 15 May 2007 at 6:11 amNorm Dykstra-Swain

    Good to hear!

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