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Time is running out…

I thought I would list some prayer requests. Our time in Canada is getting short and we move out of our house next week. There is a lot happening and we appreciate the prayers of all our friends. Here are a few things you can remember:

  • health & strength (3 kids are home from school today with colds)
  • vehicle sales - I’m trying to sell our vehicles but no sales yet
  • wisdom for packing 
  • safety as we travel to different places in the next three weeks
  • a new home in Baku - it might take a while to find the right place but we are praying now for a great new home
  • favour and freedom in our new church - we are looking forward to being a part of the BIF family and just want our time there to be a blessing

Do you have something we can pray for? The Bible encourages us to pray one for another. So we ask for your prayers but will also be happy to remember you in prayer. Feel free to share with us and I think we’ll all be better off. Thanks,


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  1. on 24 Jan 2007 at 6:10 pmIsaac Shouldice

    Good bye Jake. Thank you for being my friend. Let’s send each other some e-mail messages. Have a fun plane ride :)

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