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Archive for January, 2007

The Move Is On

Here’s a quick update on where we are now. Last night (Tuesday) Rhonda and I packed up what was left at the house and stayed overnight at my sister’s. Thanks to Shawn and Cathy for helping with all the luggage. We have been blessed in our home over the last couple of years and it […]

Time is running out…

I thought I would list some prayer requests. Our time in Canada is getting short and we move out of our house next week. There is a lot happening and we appreciate the prayers of all our friends. Here are a few things you can remember:

health & strength (3 kids are home from school today […]

I stopped by the gym last night for the first time in 2007. (I had a short work-out and then cancelled my membership for the end of the month.) If you’re a regular at the gym you notice every January how busy the place gets. There are plenty of people with New Year’s Resolutions to make some life style […]