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Too Busy for Christmas?

Every December is a busy month in our household. In addition to the seasonal entertainment and parties we have three birthday celebrations from November 30 to December 19. Once those are over we can often start looking at our Christmas list.

This year we are also preparing for our move to Baku. (Our departure date is Saturday February 3, 2007.) We have been selling off toys and small furniture items, figuring out the best way to ship or take stuff and doing general house cleaning. It is amazing what you can acculumate in fifteen years of marriage. In most cases I have no idea what to do with the piles of stuff on the floor.

My office is a whole other story. Why do pastors keep every bulletin ever published in a filing cabinet drawer? Historical value perhaps. Well mine are now all gone. If I want to remember what we did for the week of June 4, 1997 I’ll have to find another source or guess.

The whole move overseas is forcing us to put many things into perspective. How important are our things? What do we really value? What is essential for living and enjoying life? I don’t have all those answers yet. But I’m thinking hard about it.

And I know that I don’t want to be too busy for Christmas. I love finding a quiet place and time to reflect on what God did for me. He didn’t have to come but such was His nature that He couldn’t have done otherwise.

Despite all the packaging and planning we will not be too busy to celebrate the birth of Jesus. That’s just one thing I won’t overlook.

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  1. on 25 Dec 2006 at 7:47 pmMatt and Becky

    We’re excited that you have this website up, and looking forward to hearing about your preparation and (soon to occur) Azerbaijanian adventures!

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